Benefits of Using Metal Shredding Machine

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A shredding machine which is a heavy metal shredder is a machine that is used for the purpose of tearing large portions of metal scrap into smaller parts that have a high density. Such smaller portions must be clear of dust, rust and color contents. The scrap is turned into small pieces by specially fabricated machines known as Hammers that have a very high torque which helps to strike the scrap metal and aid shredding. Right from beating to shredding these specially designed Hammers made from alloy steel convert the scrap metal into sheave sized recycled products.

The need for recycling waste products provided by the shredding machines has become a necessary process especially since it provides a means of sustainably reducing overhead costs of raw materials. It offers economic solutions for treating scrap waste to reduce the environmental impact it might have on ground water, soil and scenery. Depending upon the intensity of the recycling process, you can purchase ideal metal shredding machines that can be fed with appropriate loads of scrap metal waste.

A typical metal shredding machine essentially consists of a conveyer belt that segregates the ferrous and non-ferrous materials due to its magnetic properties. This segregation simplifies the shredding procedure and transforms scrap waste into economically useful fragments that can be re-used as secondary raw materials.

Benefits of Metal Shredding Machinery

  • During metal shredding, the yield of hot metal is very high compared to the amount that is fed inside.
  • The chemistry of the obtained hot metal is concise, precise and consistent.
  • The electrode breakage is minimized alongside lesser sulfur content.
  • The capacity or durability of the hot metal is increased.
  • Electrical consumption of the hot metal is lesser per ton.
  • The benefit of recycling reduces air pollution and environmental hazards.
  • Shredded scrap is easier to manage and provides a dense mix when blended with other stock.
  • The shredded scrap is automatically segregated into ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • The control systems of the shredding machine is automated or handled manually by the workers in charge.
  • You can control or monitor the functions of the shredding machines accordingly to the quantity of scrap metal present.
  • Shredding machines don’t require intensive care and need; therefore easy maintenance can be expected.
  • The design of the shredding machine is flame proof therefore can sustain enough mechanical damage.
  • The time efficiency of the shredding machine is precise and offers the shredded raw materials in the fasted period.
  • You can control the amount of torque used in order to process light weight scrap and bulky scrap.
  • The quantity of scrap processed can be recorded by the shredding machine as per the date, time and month precisely. This data is calculated by the machine itself.
  • There is also provision of a dust collector in the shredding machine that facilitates multi-functional mode.
  • Presence of a cooling and filtering system is attached within the shredding machines to obtain clean, pure and processed raw materials.
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Benefits of Using Metal Shredding Machine

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Benefits of Using Metal Shredding Machine

This article was published on 2013/07/29